Esteemed Hermanos, family and friends:

It is with outstanding pleasure to present the launch of our national magazine, “Venceremos”. Venceremos now offers the reader a new look and feel, but the transformation from a newsletter to a magazine takes nothing away from our goal: to serve as the primary source of information for Hermanos by Hermanos. Like every edition beforehand, we share stories of successes from undergraduate and alumni Hermanos, moments of brotherhood bonding, and updates on the programs and initiatives of the national organization. The magazine layout, itself, is what’s new and different. We took advantage of the layout to incorporate advertisements of recent and upcoming national efforts and campaigns.

The National Executive Committee hopes you enjoy this edition of the newly revamped Venceremos. We also wish you share it with loved ones and members of your community so that everyone could be aware of the impact LAU is having across our national network. We would like to extend our deepest thanks for your continuous support.

Click link below to read magazine:
Venceremos – Spring 2014 Edition