Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. was founded upon the principles of brotherhood, scholarship and community Service. These principles are the guidelines by which we support the Latino community. They are expressed in our Metas or goals, which are the following:

1. To unite the Latino community.
2. To provide a strong and solid base for Latino culture.
3. To support each other personally and academically.
4. To establish a network of professionals.
5. To expand our brotherhood to an international level.
6. To ensure that the numbers of Latinos in education is ever increasing.
7. To enrich our environment with Latino pride and spirit.

Lambda Alpha Upsilon sincerely believes that high standards, strength of character, and a common vision promote the success of the brotherhood. We must carry out our personal and professional lives in constant pursuit of the realization of our Metas. It is our Metas that provide the path to the top of the mountain as we continue to excel in every field of human endeavor.

“Venceremos Porque Nacimos Para Triunfar!”